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Kunick Arms Training

Judgmental Video Training - Registration


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Kunick Arms Training: Judgmental Video Course $60.00 (2 hours) Each course is limited to 5 students. Exposes the student to real life self-defense scenarios. Test the effectiveness of the students prior Concealed Carry Training. Provide training by NRA Certified Instructors to minimize negative consequences when no other option to self-defense is available.

JUDGMENTAL VIDEO TRAINING: How well did your Concealed Carry Course prepare you to deal effectively with the dangers of a self-defense scenario when protecting yourself and your family? Like most, it didn't. Is that level of training acceptable? Maybe, but not when harm presents itself, as those inflicting it value their own lives, but not yours.

This course, normally reserved for Law Enforcement, is at least 2-hours long. We will place you in harms way, Virtually. There is no other way to feel and experience the intensity of a self-defense scenario. How will you respond? There is no way to know until you expose yourself to these real life scenarios. You will use all of the techniques you were taught in your prior training to control and mitigate the circumstances. Will that be enough?

The firearm you will use under concealment is real. It has been modified to not use real ammunition. You will however, experience the pop and recoil of the real firearm should your scenario and personal skills leave you no other option than to use deadly force.

Each scenario we experience will be discussed once it is completed. Behavior modifcation and techniques will be instructed. Observations from all students are solicited.

What not to bring to this course: - No firearms are allowed. NONE! - No ammunition is allowed. NONE!

What to bring to this course: - A loose fitting concealment garment. It may be a loose shirt open in the front. - A bottle of water to rehydrate. - A notepad.